Royal Crown Centre Training

Project Case Study

Royal Crown Farms is a leading cattle breeding and fattening company involved in upgrading and multiplying cattle breeds/herds with local adaptability and improved performance and yield, innovative breeding technology of artificial insemination and careful selection.

High quality beef meat production has been the thrust of Royal Crown Farms’ operations since inception. We are able to select local beef breeds with high breeding potential, inseminated with exotic bull sperm to produce high quality progenies.

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  • Animal Husbandry and Management

  • Palm Oil Production

  • Bee Keeping and Honey Production

  • Training of manpower for agro-allied projects

Animal Production



    Our drive as an organization is to revolutionize agricultural practices in Nigeria and Africa at large. Since we started out 10 years ago, we have been consistent—meeting all obligations and bringing solutions to issues in agriculture through innovation. At present, we manage more than 5,000 hectares of farmland across the country.


    Royal Crown Farms, Off Ilesha-Akure Express Way, Osun state